Olivo Barbieri, Lugo e il mare


76 pp.; 24 colour photos; Ita./Eng.
Hardcover 16×22 cm
ISBN 88-89412-29-1
8 copies



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Olivo Barbieri has been flying over and photographing the cities and regions of Europe, Asia and North America since 2003, at a height of 300-500 feet. His view camera and focusing – or unfocusing – procedures describe the urban landscape like a huge single model, while recounting the contemporary world as though it were a project yet to be created, or a fantastic reconstruction of something that no longer exists.
This process of miniaturisation of the world abolishes the usual relationships of scale and traditional viewpoints and allows us to achieve a better understanding of the original layout of each city, metropolis or region.
The photographs featured in this book were taken in the Italian region of Romagna during 2005, commencing with the town of Lugo, with which Barbieri has a special relationship. This particular image is a night view of Piazza Baracca, taken in 1982, and constitutes one of the artist’s first important photographs, featured in the “Viaggio in Italia” project devised by Luigi Ghirri.

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