Anders Petersen, Rome a diary 2005


Softcover, 15×22,5 cm
78 pages, 49 photographs

With a conversation between Anders Petersen and Marco Delogu

Rome still has its specific characteristic of a city that is lively, organic. Anders Petersen


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Petersen comes into contact with this organicity through his over-empathic way, through his gestures, words, his sometime verses (as I write I can see his eyes as he looks at people he has just met: his chin points downwards and there are small movements in his eyebrows). It is a mixture between a contemporary ballet, a cafe` of the late 60’s for the cordiality that is immediatly instaured, a direct encounter without the filter of the camera: that comes later, as small and inoffensive it comes out of his pocket and concludes the encounters. Anders sets his timings with great freedom and wisdom, he knows them and confronts the confrontations, he likes them, it is his life.

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