Anders Petersen, A diary 2012


with a text by Marco Delogu
9 pp.; 9 photos; 20×25 cm
Edition of 40
Hahnemühle FineArt paper 2012

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Anders Petersen comes back to photograph Rome seven years after his “Commission”, and almost thirty years after his first trip there during the summer of ‘84. So summer, winter, summer. Light and life are important for Anders and if winter 2005 took him in many houses, looking for “organic” indoor settings, the heat and the light of last summer brought him to feel the people in the streets. This time round, his work is different and yet the same. The season beckons him to Rome with one fixed thought: to photograph people who love one another. It all starts with going and meeting people as Petersen seeks an organic unity: faces, bodies, tattoos, skins. Everything happens through strolls through the city, returning to the same spots as in the winter of 2005: to the same bar in Piazza Vittorio, the same customers, the same friends. It is the same city of 2005, of the eighties, and again the same cars, the lesser-known monuments, the zoo, a variety of animals and events, never-changing Ostia, and many people.

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