Alessandro Cidda, The Hermae of the Janiculum


Photographs by Alessandro Cidda.
Punctum Press, 2006. 172 pp., 83 duotone illustrations, 7×7″. 


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This book was inspired by the profound affection for the Janiculum that binds the author – photographer Alessandro Cidda – to the landscape where he spent his childhood. It accompanies the reader on an ideal journey among the silent, almost transparent marble busts that appear as a mute and immobile collective presence, observing the passage of the years from beneath the dust of time. Cidda has used the language of photography to tell the stories of heroes – men and a woman. Each image narrates and brings to life not only their personal tales, but also a part of the Italian history of the Risorgimento The photographs are flanked by text by Marco Rizzo, assistant director of the Museo Centrale del Risorgimento in Rome, and Diego Mormorio.

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