AAVV, A question of time


84 pp.; xxx colour photos; Ita/Eng
Softcover 16,5×22 cm
ISBN 978-88-95410-27-2


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Adele Chatfield-Taylor
[..So we see photographs of monuments that are works of art, and photographs of people and monuments that are comments on our time. The range is phenomenal, and photograpy’s inexhaustible capacity is striking throughout. Each and every image is interesting. No matter the time or place, Rome is a landscape that haunts the imagination.
Rome and its environs have not been spared the thunderous changes of the 20th century and the beginnings of the 21st. The juxtapositions of ancient and contemporary in the countryside can be startling, but we love Italy for generally accommodating the old as well as the new. Somehow nothing is ever completely erased, and although change disfigures or overwhelms everything in its path, in Italy there are still clues for those who look carefully, and room for a bit of everything..]

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