Roberto Schena, SP 67


112 pp.; 51 color photographs; Ita./Eng.
Hardcover 21,4×28,6cm
ISBN 978-88-95410-21-0

Year of publication 2012


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SP67: 13 kilometers of o provincial road from Apparizione, a neighbourhood on the borderline of Genoa, to Calcinara, four houses in the inland. Around here, “Dark Nord Wind” is the name given to the North Wind when it carries rain and storms. The author spent three years to cover these 13 kilometers. More or less, it is the right amount of time if someone wants to catch the mysteries of a Place. His car parked, he descended deep into the woods, uninvited.
Expecting to retrace someone else’s steps, studying the plants, amidst the fog, in the night.
Three years of following his subjects, climbing, meeting the local inhabitants. Eating fast before the storm arrives. These are memoirs of an explorer who desires to extract the sublime where others wouldn’t think to look for it: in a stretch of road, in an encounter with a wild pig, in a frozen night.
Two short stories by Paolo Caredda form the prologue and the epilogue.
A map of the territory provides a geographical reference to those who are interested, with their imagination, in reconstructing the author’s journey. And for those who live in Genoa, this visual essay becomes an inspiration for discovering all the hidden places portrayed in these photographs.

Roberto Schena, born in Genoa in 1960, now lives and works in Milan. He has taught visual arts and semiotics of design, and has been involved in the production of music videos, commercials, low-budget films. He now works for a commercial agency. His work as a photographer has evolved over the last eight years. Schena’s visual work focuses on landscape photography as interpreted through a timeless, dreamlike vision.


Paolo Caredda was born in Genoa. He directs cross-platform projects for television, mockumentaries, and documentaries. He published “Giorno di paga in via Ferretto” (short story) on “Gioventù Cannibale” anthology book; “La città uccello” (short story) on “Italian Landscapes” anthology book; and the novel “Altri giorni, altri alberi” for ISBN publisher.


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