Punctum flies to London!

Marco Delogu, Artistic Director of FOTOGRAFIA – International Festival of Rome and Publisher of Punctum was recently appointed Director of the Italian Cultural Institute in London. In congratulate him, we take this opportunity to inform you that this represents an important change for Punctum: We fly to London!

From September Punctum will continue its activities in Rome, but will open a second office in London. The identity of the publishing house will be to promote contemporary photography by publishing high-profile authors and promising emerging artists, but we hope to further strengthen the international character of our publications through this Roman’s – London’s dual nationality .

We want to celebrate with you this new offering special discounts on some of our best-selling (which will supplement other offers already active on our catalog)

Thank you all, see you in London!

Flavio Scollo
Curator of Punctum Press

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No doubt the book containing the three trips Anders in Rome (1984 – 2005 – 2012) is one of the titles most fortunate that we have published in a short time became a rare book. ATTENTION: we have only 3 copies left of the Limited edition with signed print in a slipcase

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This volume marks the third collaboration of South African photographer with our publishing house. It ‘also a very important title because Guy Tillim back after ten years in Johannesburg to challenge our perception

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In February 2006, the South African photographer Guy Tillim met Petros, from which he was immediately invited to spend a week at his farm, even in his bed. That’s what Tillim tells in pictures taken in that week: a sacred sense of warm hospitality, which is especially generosity of spirit, unimaginable in the city life.

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In 2005 Anders Petersen was called to Rome to work on the Rome Commission for FOTOGRAFIA – International Festival of Rome. The result was a beautiful exhibition and this beautiful book, soon became an icon.

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In 2009 Tillim is in Rome to work on the Rome Commission. Search the not monumental Rome, avoids detail, appropriates its Rome, a kind of continuation of Avenue Patrice Lumumba that comes with it so far. Everything is just, or in part, in the minds and eyes of Tillim, and arrives in this first job out of Africa. Tillim seeks the middle city, looking for a light to medium (the wettest winter in years is a privilege for him), looks for an idea born from the long observation of neorealist cinema and reworked on the field.

Marco Delogu
Cambridge, the orchard

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