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Attilio Maria Navarra, Asini

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72pp.; 34 B/N; ita./ing.
hardcover 28X28 cm
ISBN 978-88-95410-30-2

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Cristiana Perrella

[..For Attilio Maria Navarra in his new photographic work dedicated to donkeys, the shot is instead the point of arrival not the instrument – of a process of getting to know his subject, of slowly approaching it. A process born by chance and developed by passion when, after a trekking trip by donkey back in Umbria, he became intrigued by the unexpectedly sensitive nature of these animals and started to breed them. Razza Martina Franca, dark coat, grey nose, ears long and straight. After long study of their behavior and their habits he finally takes his first shots, from the distance..]


Attilio Maria Navarra was born in Rome in 1969. He started photographing when he was 15 during a trip to the USA and hasn’t stopped since. His work focuses on the photography of travel and nature. Asini is his fourth book.

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