Marco Delogu, Sulle terre della Riforma


146 pp.; 85 tritone B/W photos; Ita.
Softcover 20×20 cm
ISBN 978-88-95410-13-5


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Immagini della riforma agraria nel Lazio

Photography is in many ways associated with memory; photography is memory, a healthy way of remembering that is simultaneously subjective and objective. Photography, history and memory are entwined in the archives of ARSIAL, the successor of the Ente Maremma in the region of Lazio, and this book commences with the years that marked the height of this interwoven fabric: the agrarian reform and the entire transformation of the Lazio landscape, which was given to the peasants after centuries under the latifundia system. These photographs depict life during the period, the famous new houses of the Ente Maremma, the new villages and the great land projects, as well as the thousands of men and women who played a leading role in this important historical transition by contributing to a feat that embodied the ideal of reconstruction – both physical and social – of Republican Italy in the post-war period through the redistribution of farmland and the work of co-operatives.

ARSIAL is the Lazio Regional Agency for Agricultural Development and Innovation.


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