100 pp.; Ita/Eng; 
Soft cover 21×25 cm
ISBN: 978-88-95410-20-3
Euro 20,00
October 2013

Artist’s web site: http://www.davistim.com/
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Quinto Quarto is the five act exhibition that Tim Davis have produced for the Rome Commission at the MACRO museum in Rome during the International Festival of Photography.

Founded in 2003, the Rome Commission asks every year to selected international photographers to portray the city of Rome in total freedom of interpretation for the FOTOGRAFIA – Festival Internazionale di Roma (Rome’s International Festival of Photography). Every project is curated by Marco Delogu and In the past Josef Koudelka (2003), Olivo Barbieri (2004), Anders Petersen (2005), Martin Parr (2006), Graciela Iturbide (2007), Gabriele Basilico (2008), Guy Tillim (2009), Tod Papageorge (2010), Alec Soth (2011) and Paolo Ventura (2012) exhibited their work

Tim Davis (born 1969 in Malawi) is an American visual artist and poet. His photographic work delves into formal aspects of photography (light and abstraction) as well as socially engaged documentary. He is the author and subject of several books, including Lots, Permanent Collection and My Life in Politics, plus a book of poetry titled American Whatever. Tim Davis teaches in the photography program at Bard College. He was awarded the Rome Prize from the American Academy in Rome in 2007. He lives and works in New York City and Tivoli, New York.

“On the very first day I ever spent photographing in Rome — a white-hot September in 2007— my assistant took me to Testaccio to show me the old slaughterhouse. It was largely abandoned, peopled by squatters and grinning dogs, and starting to succumb to gentrification, but it wasn’t hard to imagine the viscera flowing through the gutters and the wailing and lowing of livestock. This assistant, a clever musician and chef, told me how Roman cuisine is described as “Quinto Quarto,” named for the food made by stockyard workers who took the unwanted parts of the animals home to their families. As a starry-eyed American living in a European capital for the first time I was touched by the humility of this description, reminding me that this was a city with working people stumbling through its glamorous historical strata. I was also struck by how relevant “Quinto Quarto” felt to my photographic practice, which has always been driven by a strong desire to look through accepted cultural iconographies and to see what I’m not supposed to see. In the back of my mind, I took Quinto Quarto as a mode of picture making during my year at the American Academy, producing work that went into The New Antiquity (Damiani, 2009).

Quinto Quarto is a new paradigm for me as an artist: a series of pieces rather than a BODY OF WORK, that has allowed me to play and provoke in ways I haven’t always been able to as a photographer. (Tim Davis)”

Artist’s web site: http://www.davistim.com/
Buy this book: https://www.punctumpress.com/sitopunct…

The audio featured in this video is extracted by the audio of Tim Davis’ video “La La Traviata”, whose stills are featured in the first part of the Quinto Quarto book.

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