Guy Tillim, Roma città di mezzo

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46 pp.; 20 colour photos; Ita/Eng.
Hardcover 17×22,5cm
ISBN 978-88-95410-29-6
40 copies in Italian.; 45 copies in English,
signed copies available


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Guy Tillim seeks a non-monumental Rome, a continuation of his previous project, Avenue Patrice Lumumba, which arrives here with him. Africa is a gargantuan concept, as Ryszard Kapuscinsky mentioned in a conversation when he participated in the first edition of FOTOGRAFIA International Festival of Rome, and Africa is in Tillim’s mind and eyes as he embarks on this first project away from Africa. Tillim seeks the middle city, the middle light (the rainiest winter in years is a privilege for him); he seeks an idea born out in his extended watching of neo realist cinema, which he re-elaborates in the field. In this middle city, the most complex thing is scale: how near, how far? Much lies in this strong tension of the quest for scale in the middle city, a city where Tillim is alone, free to think, to approach and to move away.

Marco Delogu

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