Guy Tillim, Cagliari


61 pp; 21 color photos; ita/eng
hardcover 24,5×17 cm
ISBN: 978-88-95410-65-4

Published in 2018

Curated by Marco Delogu

Text by Francesco Abate, Marco Delogu, Michela Murgia

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Casteddu. Everyone goes their own way, through streets and piazzas that have already belonged to many, perhaps to all. ‘We’re the Sardinian Athens!’ says my Great-Uncle Marco, who owns a fine printworks in Nuoro, as he looks amusedly at his brother Pippo (my grandfather), who pauses for a moment and then equally boldly replies, ‘And we’re Babylon!’ ”
Francesco Abate, writer

“We are increasingly overrun by identical signs, which we often wear on our bodies, and they invade our cities. Tillim readily resorts to these standardizing elements, which create a sense of disorientation. We know that the street with the McDonald’s and Hertz signs is in Cagliari, but those signs would be the same even if we were in Rome, Johannesburg or Maputo. Tillim thus shuns the contrivance of the Sardinian picturesque, confiding in these signs that underpin his work, reminding us all that we are in “his” Cagliari: a dark blue vertical wall, English graffiti, two boxes precariously balanced on a hand, yellow T-shirts and posts. He skilfully mixes them with street scenes familiar to us since ancient times, like the trading of fruit and vegetables, conversations, people passing by, and all the spontaneous everyday life that occurs everywhere and always.”
Marco Delogu, curator

“Istranzu has two meanings: guest and foreigner. However, it does not denote one or the other, but always means both at the same time. As long as the category continues to exist, within it each foreigner is a guest and each guest remains a stranger. For those who pronounce it, the word implies an attitude that often comes close to the appropriation of the other and takes possession of their freedom: refusing that particular type of welcome – “istranzadùra” – is not possible without offending the person offering it.”
Michela Murgia, writer

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