Giuliano Matteucci, Ecclesia


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Giuliano Matteucci
[..One of the first paradoxical impressions you have when standing in front of these small rural churches, at the edges of often very isolated villages, is to feel in completely “central” territory, in areas connecting times and spaces that are otherwise very distant from one another. On the one hand these chapels suggest powerful links with the past: they are indebted to local traditions, have inherited the historical relations with colonialism, and contain the memory of the first missionaries’ experiences along the roads in the savannah or a privileged contact with early Christianity, with its meaning of redemption. And yet, the villages animated this reality day by day, organising social activities, managing relationships with other religious communities, making these dispersed settlements vital fragments of the present at the heart of a changing world. And so with these suggestions and many open questions, I began to take a series of photographs through Ghana, Burkina Faso and Mali..]


Giuliano Matteucci (1976) has collaborated with various foundations and charitable organizations. He has been published in the most important national and international magazines. With Ecclesia he won the international prize of photography Baume and Mercier 2009. One of his latest exhibitions is: Living in Conakry, Trastevere Museum 2008, Fotografia, Rome. His curatorial work has produced a work documenting the interiors of slums in five metropolitan cities, entitled Bidonville cities


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