Marco Delogu, Asinara

We are happy to announce the printing of Asinara, the latest work by Marco Delogu, realized during the night of August under the moon-light. To celebrate the printing, you can pre-order your copy with the 20% discount by writing at:

The new work is introduced by Edoardo Albinati that describe the photographs as following:

In the images that Delogu has created, that which should be unheimlich, unfamiliar, or even distressing, because it is immersed in darkness, instead reveals itself a poetic set for a midsummer night’s dream, where the vibration and commotion of life have magically dwindled, the white roads are barely visible, the danger signals have been turned o because there is no longer any danger, and men and animals can roam free and without fear.

Asinara represent a sort of come-back to photography for Marco Delogu, that in his own text concludes with the reasons behind the choice of working on the Sardinian island and his ties with this place:

I chose to work on Asinara because of its history and geography. When I was a child, the island was de- scribed to me as a sort of hell, and as a boy I was struck by the stories of a family friend, a lawyer who de- fended Renato Curcio and Ra aele Cutolo and went to meet them on the island. Later, commencing in 1997, when I was working at Rebibbia penitentiary for the portraits of my Captivity series, I met a series of prison- ers who had been on Asinara, and heard the story of the Fornelli riots from their mouths. I hadn’t been to Sar- dinia for many years, and for my photographic ‘return’ I chose an island that I didn’t know, so full of painful memories that contrast with the enormous sense of beauty and freedom perceived there now.

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Marco Delogu, Asinara

Texts by Marco Delogu, Edoardo Albinati

72 pages; 29 color photos
38 x 25,5 cm

Two separate edition: Italian, English

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